Talk on cyber security held for both parents and students.

Stranger Danger: A do Dive into Social Media” A talk on the subject was delivered on February 24 th, by Sri Shravan, an Alumnus of St Aloysius College Higher Primary School, now pursuing Engineering studies. The talk meant to brief both the parents and students of advantages and disadvantages of using social media. Initially a video regarding “Online Predator” was displayed to the audience. Subsequently he spoke in detail about gaming and other basics of cybersecurity. Further, he moved to “OVERSHARING INFORMATION”

Showed an infotoon regarding it, along with solutions. He further shared information on Cyber Stalking, “Phone Addiction: A Boon or Goon”. He explained that the solution for it was digital detox. He also

Discussed phone addiction, the risk factors along with examples where a kid killed his mother due to game addiction and also got involved in drugs online.

Delving further deep into the Topic of “Cyber Bullying” he spoke about student mental health, suicide and various laws regarding cyberbullying, Informed kids and parents regarding online sextortion and how they can stay safe from it.

Explained the symptoms and what teachers could do when the kids are cyberbullied or harassed online. He explained what is “Digital Parenting” and its goals,

child pornography and signs to note if a child had been molested online. Gave solutions like how to reduce screen time and keep track of it.

Discussed what parents need to see in their child for any behavioral change; physical or mental changes since it can be related to any cybercrime.Explained to the parents about parental controls and their features and functions and how to set up / install and use them in all platforms. Finally the session concluded answering all questions by the parents and discussed about Vape or E-Cigarette. It was heartening to note that parents along with their wards attended in such large number. Smt Josita Noronha, Headmistress, Dr Christopher D Souza, President; along with the executive members of Alumni Association were present. The talk was planned and delivered through the kind courtesy of Alumni Association of the School

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