Yoga Day Celebration – 2023

On 21st of June 2023 , Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at St Aloysius college Higher Primary school.

Physical trainer Arun Baptist explained the significance of Yoga practice. The benefits of Yogasana were explained by the physical trainer Harish .

The theme for this year is “ Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which signifies , the world is one family. It is a concept rooted

In ancient Indian Philosophy and is the guiding principle for promoting global unity, peace and harmony.The opening Yoga Mantra , warming up exercises were conducted . Students performed Yogas and like Kriya , Pranayama , Dhyana , Sankalp under the leadership of Harish . The Theme was repeated by the students as they did the Yogasanas .

Headmistress Jositta Noronha , Asst Headmaster Liya Dsouza were present.

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