St Aloysius Higher Primary School Celebrates Annual Day

The St Aloysius Higher Primary School celebrated the annual day on December 16, with all zest and enthusiasm. The chief guest of the day, Dr Jostol Pinto, alumnus, interventional cardiologist & associate professor of cardiology at Fr Muller Medical College, president of the programme, Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto SJ, rector, St Aloysius institutions, correspondent Fr Gerald Furtado SJ, headmistress Jositta Iveera Noronha, vice president of the PTA Mangala Rai, SPL Abhish Bangera and ASPL Lagan J S were welcomed with grandeur accompanied by a general salute by the school band headed by Preesha.

The guests were then given a warm traditional welcome with ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’. The dignitaries were then made to feel comfortable among the audience for the first part of the programme. The Kindergarten students performed on ‘Love and respect for our Farmers’, grade 1 students beautifully staged the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and the grade 2 students toured the audience to the Disney World.

During the formal stage programme Jositta Iveera Noronha welcomed the gathering where she also introduced Dr Jostol Pinto the chief guest. The dignitaries were given a floral welcome and memento as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation. Dr Jostol Pinto in his speech well felt the experience of being on stage during his school days in the campus, recalled lot of memories of his school days and also encouraged both students and parents on how ‘Hope’ can raise someone.

He also quoted “Anything that falls will rise”. He also expressed his gratitude to his teachers for his success in life. The corresspondent – Fr Gerald Furtado SJ expressed how important it is to have a good foundation at school which will build a strong life later quoting the tallest buildings of the world how they are built on strong foundation.

The chief guest honoured the merit holding students from grades 1 to 7 and wished them well. The special prizes for the students for their best performance in extra-curricular activities and the scholarship sponsored by Ganesh Rao (Karavali Group of Colleges) were accorded by the president, Fr Melwin Pinto SJ, rector of St Aloysius College Institutions.

Words of gratitude were expressed by Abhish B (SPL) and Lagan J S (ASPL). The enriching cultural programme then continued where students of grade 3 to 7 staged attractive dances like patriotic dance, effects of pollution, harmony dance, mime with the theme ‘Let us become better humans’, Christmas dance drama and Bollywood dance.

The school annual report was presented by the headmistress and Anitha Pais covering all the school events of the year. The budding muscians and singers of the school orchestra lifted the hearts of the audience through their melodious music and singing. To conclude the show, the school anthem was sung. The entire programme was neatly compered by Shannon Pinto, Prince Alish, Rathan Bhat, Galvin Mascarenhas, Manvith V Karkera, K Aneesh Acharya, Diya Shetty and Sneha which is worthy of big applaud.

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