July 1, 2022


The entire world celebrates World Environment Day on June 5th every year. This day was observed at St Aloysius Higher Primary School on 6th June. A day to remind ourselves to be responsible of the Environment and protect it as well. To mark this occasion the young Aloysians entered the portals of the Institution with...
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St Aloysius College Higher Primary School held the student election for the post of SPL and ASPL on 4.6.2022. Six students contested for the elections. The campaigning was done daily during the break time in the school quadrangle displaying the photo of the candidates and their selected symbols . The candidates proposed their election speech...
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‘It is better to be a child of God, than to be the King of the Whole World.’- St Aloysius Gonzaga. The feast of St Aloysius Gonzaga , our Patron Saint, was celebrated with pomp and show on 20th June 2022. A beautiful programme was put up in the school auditorium by the students of...
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The Investiture Ceremony was held at St Aloysius College Higher Primary School, Kodialbail on 16th June 2022. The Correspondent of the School, Fr Gerald Furtado S J handed over the school flag to the SPL , Abhish  acknowledging the budding young leader. The School Cabinet leaders marched forward along with the SPl, ASPl and the...
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