World Environment Day – 2022

The entire world celebrates World Environment Day on June 5th every year. This day was observed at St Aloysius Higher Primary School on 6th June. A day to remind ourselves to be responsible of the Environment and protect it as well.

To mark this occasion the young Aloysians entered the portals of the Institution with their household pets. The programme started with invoking of God’s blessings. The Headmistress Mrs Jositta Noronha welcomed the gathering. This was followed by planting a sapling by the dignitaries and the teaching faculty sung a song glorifying nature. Mr Padmanabh Rao spoke on the significance of the day. The students thunderously recited the slogans on Environment after Mr Arun Baptist. The Correspondent Fr Gerald Furtado SJ in his message cautioned the gathering about the houses that we live in. Instead of sustaining forest, we are maintaining concrete made jungles (buildings). We are called to plant saplings more and more and maintain them. We have great responsibility towards our mother nature. Vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Deepsika D Souza. The formal programme ended with the School Anthem by the students. The students were much thrilled to see the household pets got by their fellow students. The programme was compered by Mr Liya D Souza.

To add more greenery to the Aloysian garden the students along with the dignitaries sowed vegetable seeds and seedlings. The Correspondent Fr Gerald Furtado SJ, Headmistress Mrs Jositta Noronha, Assistant Headmaster Mr Liya D Souza, the newly elected Vice President of the PTA Mrs Mangala Rai, SPL Abish and ASPL Lagan were the dignitaries present for the programme.

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