School Annual Day – 2023

The chief guest of the programme Dr. Christopher Dsouza was accorded a warm welcome by the school band followed with a traditional Aarati by the students. Rector Rev. Fr. Melwyn Pinto SJ, Correspondent Rev Fr. John Dsouza SJ, Headmistress Mrs. Jositta Noronha, PTA Vice President Mr. Victor Serrao, SPL Master Ayush Shetty and ASPL Master Joylan D Costa were all present on this occasion.

The Annual Day Programme unfolded with a soulful Prayer Song, setting a reverent tone for the evening’s festivities. The stage then came alive with a vibrant Welcome Dance, captivating the audience and signaling the commencement of a night filled with artistic brilliance.

The Blooming Buds, our talented Kindergarten students, took center stage, showcasing their adorable dance performance. Their enthusiasm and innocence were met with cheers and encouragement from parents, fostering an atmosphere that empowers these young artists to explore and express.

The Stage Programme commenced with words of welcome by Headmistress Mrs. Jositta Noronha, creating a warm ambiance for the evening. The Chief Guest shared an inspiring message, setting the stage for a series of events. Prizes were given to the students who excelled in sports and studies and deserving outgoing students. Scholarship as donated by Mr. Ganesh Rao, Founder Chairman Of Karavali group of colleges were also distributed to the deserving students of std Seven. The Rector’s Message provided visionary insights, guiding the academic community towards a collective journey of growth.

The Colorful Tiny Tots of Class 1 graced the stage with a delightful dance, followed by a captivating rendition of Cinderella by the talented performers of Class 2. The Annual Report presentation unfolded, providing a comprehensive overview of the year’s events, emphasizing the collaborative efforts between students, teachers, and parents.

Class 3 showcased the rich Dance Forms of Karnataka, celebrating the cultural diversity within our school. A soul-stirring Hindi song and a patriotic dance performance further enriched the cultural tapestry of the evening. The Western Dance segment brought contemporary flair to the stage, captivating the audience with dynamic choreography.

The Kannada Drama – “Samrat Ashoka” unfolded as a historical narrative, engaging the audience in a captivating storyline. The Harmony Theme Dance symbolized unity amidst diversity, followed by the energetic Kamsale Folk Dance, showcasing the traditional art form with flair.

A poignant Dance Drama themed “Be the Change You Wish to See” conveyed a powerful message through creative expressions. The stage lit up with a Bollywood Dance, infusing energy and enthusiasm into the atmosphere. The School Anthem provided a fitting conclusion, bringing everyone together in a collective expression of pride and commitment.

In essence, the Annual Day Programme was a splendid showcase of talent, cultural diversity, and artistic expression, creating memories that will resonate within the hearts of the school community for years to come. The event not only celebrated achievements but also empowered students to continue exploring and expressing their creativity.

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